ASMR | Panning Breathing and Ear Blowing | no talking | 1 hour

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have one of the newly requested videos for you. It is a one hour panning breathing and ear blowing video. I recorded the sound with the Zoom H4N-Pro AND the Tascam DR-05. When editing the video I decided to use a combination of both audio tracks. I hope you like it.

Due to very noisy neighbors I had to do quite a bit of editing to get rid of all the rumbling and shouting. So don’t be irritated by lots of cross fading.

ASMR | Layered Ear Heaven | no talking | ear to ear blowing, breathing, brushing, touching

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have a requested video for you. Emma D asked for an ear blowing video with ear brushing, touching and ear cupping. I added a few breathing sounds and arranged that into an intense layered ear festival. When I checked the sound of this video, my goosebumps were layered as well!

I hope you like this video and it helps you to relax, de-stress and sleep better.


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