ASMR | Ear Eating | no talking

Hey Tinglers,
Today is a first for me. I have never done an Ear Eating video. But as I also trigger from mouth sounds … and this is the ultimate mouth sound experience … here you go!

This video was requested by Ayra. I hope you like it!

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ASMR | Rough Tapping | CAUTION! Very loud ASMR

Hey Tinglers,
More ear tapping today. CAUTION, the sounds in this video are very loud and intense!
This was another video request. STuPxTeam asked, if I could do a fast/rough ear tapping directly on 3Dio. Something loud and very intense. And guess what … I can. 😉
So here it is. Very rough tapping. Very loud. As intense as I can get on the 3 Dio without the audio software giving me the finger. 😉

ASMR | Just Tapping No Talking

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have a tapping video for you. Only tapping. Tap, tap, tapping. I am tapping different things. From a piece of leather to a camera, from a wooden tray to box of pencils. Lots of different tapping sounds.

ASMR | 10 Hours 3D Ear Massage | no talking

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have compiled a 10 hour ear massage video for you. As many of you liked the 1 hour ear massage video and played it repeatedly, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a 10 hour version for you that will last for a full night.
Hour after hour I have gradually reduced the volume of the video, so that at the end the sounds will be very soft and subtle to not disturb your sleep.
I hope this helps you to relax. Sleep tight my dear tinglers!

ASMR | One, two, three … come count with me | 3Dio | whisper counting

Hey Tinglers!
One, two, three … come count with me!
I heard that some of you really enjoy counting … so I have recorded my very first whispered counting video. And if you like it, this should not be the last of them. Let me know in the comments what you liked and what you didn’t like, so I can create the perfect counting video for you.

ASMR | TEXTURE TINGLES | no talking | gently touching and caressing differently textured surfaces

Hey Tinglers,
Today I am gently touching and caressing differently textured surfaces. I have some black cotton fabric, paper and bubble wrap. The sounds have been recorded with the Tascam DR-05. This mic picks up very delicate sounds. Enjoy this video.
I hope it helps you to relax and sleep better.

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ASMR | DEEP TASCAM HORIZON | no talking | Tascam drowning in hair mousse

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have something very special for you. Hair mousse!
I discovered my first ASMR hair mousse video over at ASMRMagic’s channel. And boy did I love the fizzy, bubbly sound of hair mouse close to a mic.
So ever since I saw that video I wanted to start my own ASMR channel and one day record a “hair mousse homage to ASMRMagic” video. Well, here it is. This is for you ASMRMagic and all your magical videos. Thank you for being such a great ASMRtist!

What recording levels are best for ASMR?

Hey Tinglers,

When I started to record my own ASMR videos there was one thing that drove me crazy. Recording levels!
I had no clue what a recording level was, why it was important and what level would be good for ASMR recordings.

I’ll explain it in simple words so that everyone can understand it. Audio engineers … please stop reading or you’ll get a fit of rage. Continue reading “What recording levels are best for ASMR?”

ASMR | Deep Ear Cupping | NO TALKING | 3Dio

Hey Tinglers,
“Diaphanous Earth” asked me earlier today if I could do an ear cupping video. Well, well, well … of course I can. And guess what … I can even do “same day delivery”. 😉 So here is your video Diaphanous. I hope you like it! Ear cupping, ear cupping, and more ear cupping!