ASMR | Bedtime Story | Gutenachtgeschichte | German | #1

Hey Tinglers,
Welcome to the start of a new series of videos. The Bedtime Story. I will be reading the German version of “Don Quichote” with a whispered voice.
Those of you that follow me a while longer might now that I have done a similar reading ASMR when I started the channel. However, with the new studio and lighting, I thought I start again from the beginning. And I will make longer videos. So the Bedtime Story videos will be roughly 50 minutes to one hour long.
I hope you like my German whisper voice!

Liebe Tingler,
Jetzt gibt es endlich mal wieder etwas für diejenigen unter Euch, die auf deutsches Flüstern stehen. Ich werde euch “Don Quichote” komplett vorlesen / flüstern. Jeweils in ca. einstündigen Teilen.

Sleep well!