ASMR | Ear Touching | Whispered Trigger Words | Male Whispering | 1 Hour

Hey Tinglers,
In this video I am going to do some ear touching, ear tapping with whispered trigger words.

Finally there was some quiet in our house again. We had new neighbors moving in and they made a LOT of noise. They are still moving their stuff around, but I found a few minutes of silence where I could record the video.

I hope you enjoy it.
Sleep well, Tinglers!

LAYERED ASMR | Layered Tingles | NO TALKING | 1 Hour

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have compiled another layered ASMR video. This is a no talking video featuring the sounds from the camera touching, tracing patterns and gloves ear tapping videos. I hope you like it and that it helps you to relax and sleep better.

ASMR | Thorough Ear Cleaning | NO TALKING | 3 Dio | Floam | Play Foam

Hey Tinglers,
I have heard you didn’t wash your ears! Come here, let’s clean them!
I hope you like today’s Thorough Ear Cleaning video! I always wanted to do an ear cleaning video … but I never had floam or ear cleaning tools. So with my latest “props order” I also bought these.

Enjoy the video and relax a little. Sleep well, Tinglers!