ASMR | Crinkly Paper Crinkles | no talking

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have lots of super crinkly paper sounds for you that I recorded with the Tascam. Besides the crinkles I also did a little bit of paper tearing. Just a little.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the tingles!

ASMR | 1 hour Tweezers Sounds | no talking

Hey Tinglers,
Today you can sit back and relax for one hour to the sound of clicking tweezers. This trigger is similar to the sound of scissors, yet so distinct that it is worth its own video.
Enjoy and sleep well, Tinglers.

ASMR | Tapping The Tascam | no talking

Hey Tinglers,
Today you get a Tascam tapping video. Jemina Tamminen asked me, if I could do a video where I tapped the Tascam microphone directly and only the Tascam. You know that I love requests, so here’s your video Jemina!
Sleep well, Tinglers!

ASMR | 10 hours Tascam Compilation | no talking

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have taken all the videos that have a Tascan sound recording and compiled them into an ultra long 10 hour Tascam Compilation. All the triggers that you liked most, compiled into an all night long tingle festival.
Hair mousse fizzing, crinkly plastic and paper, keyboard typing sounds, page turning, tapping, mouth sounds, breathing, brushing, scratching, glass beads and many many more!
Sleep well, dear Tinglers! You have deserved a little relaxation.

ASMR | Tascam Layered Ear Eating | no talking

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have an Ear Eating video for you. Many of you requested a TASCAM Ear Eating video. So … here it is. And guess what … this time it is layered. Not with different sounds. Only layers of ear eating, ear eating and more ear eating. I hope you like it!
Relax and sleep tight, dear Tinglers!