What recording levels are best for ASMR?

Hey Tinglers,

When I started to record my own ASMR videos there was one thing that drove me crazy. Recording levels!
I had no clue what a recording level was, why it was important and what level would be good for ASMR recordings.

I’ll explain it in simple words so that everyone can understand it. Audio engineers … please stop reading or you’ll get a fit of rage. Continue reading “What recording levels are best for ASMR?”

ASMR | Deep Ear Cupping | NO TALKING | 3Dio

Hey Tinglers,
“Diaphanous Earth” asked me earlier today if I could do an ear cupping video. Well, well, well … of course I can. And guess what … I can even do “same day delivery”. 😉 So here is your video Diaphanous. I hope you like it! Ear cupping, ear cupping, and more ear cupping!

ASMR | Ear Tapping for 1 hour | NO TALKING | 3 Dio

Hey Tinglers,
Today I have a little ear tapping and ear touching for you. One hour of slow and fast ear tapping for your relaxation. The tapping video was requested by “Math Mes Couilles” last week. I hope you like it Math!
If you guys and galls have any triggers that you want to hear more of … please just tell me in the comments!

Happy relaxing and sleep tight, Tinglers!

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